Bear Owl
Name Owlley Cat (Ursa Nocturna-Ocularis)
Type Mammal
Diet Carnivore
Behavior Hostile/Tamable

Bear Owls have the head, feathers and eyes of an owl, the mouth and nose of a feline, the body of a bear, and the tail of a lemur.


They apparently live in small burrows and hunt exclusively at night, perching on rocky outcroppings and rotating their head to locate prey.


Bear Owls are the top predators of the desert, even hunting and killing Girelephants. They would probably be more than a match for a Turkey Fish or even a Macawnivore as well. However, a swarm of Piranhakeets could easily kill one.

In the Movie

A single grey Bear Owl stalks the Croods at the beginning of the movie, forcing them to constantly hide in their cave each night as it hunts. Another Bear Owl, or possibly the same one, is tamed by Guy and Eep at the end and they ride it across the landscape of Tomorrow. Oddly, this Bear Owl is bright red and white. This could be either a sign of gender difference from the one at the beginning, that a grey Bear Owl was dyed red by the Croods, or that this Bear Owl has evolved another color than the first one to better blend into it's colorful surroundings.




  • The Bear Owl may be a reference to a very similar creature known as the owlbear from the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. Like the owlbear, Bear Owls are large, aggressive predators with the head of an owl and the body of a large predatory mammal that are greatly feared by locals.

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