Belt O'o'O
Name Belt
Gender Male
Family Lives with Guy as his pet.

Belt is a three-toed sloth who belongs to Guy. He is normally seen around Guy's waist, used as a 'Belt' to keep his pants up. Before the Croods came along, Belt was Guy's only companion, so their relationship together is strong. They will both interact, and Guy will even talk to and understand Belt at times. Belt loves to help Guy with things and emphasizing certain moments, like adding a "Dun dun daaa!" to intense moments or if something bad is about to happen.

Belt is a sloth of many talents, including "cook, conversationist, navigator" (as Guy says), etc.


Belt has red fur, with a peach face. He has big turquoise eyes, and hangs around Guy's waist with his long arms acting - true to his name - as a belt.

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