Name Chunky
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Family Lives with The Croods (family) as Grug's pet

Chunky is a rather sweet Macawnivore who belongs to the "protector" of the Croods, Grug. He originally acted as the secondary antagonist throughout the story (the main antagonist being the "end of the world"), until the climax of the film.


Chunky's fur has a variety of colors like green, blue, yellow, and white, resembling the blue and gold macaw. His optics have yellow irises and coal-black pupils, similiar to the tiger which also has rounded pupils.He has the physical torso and head shape of a sabre-toothed cat. Chunky is known for his impressive reflexes: for example, when Grug throws a rock at him he catches it with a great grip of one lethal paw.

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In the Movie

He originally wanted to destroy Grug and The Croods (family) but mainly Grug. Later on Grug and Guy trick Chunky into freeing them from tar, by making a fake female Macawnivore and having him fall in love with it. Further on when Grug was in a cave, Chunky appeared and was proven to be a big softy. This was shown when Grug's torch went out and he tried relighting it and then acted domesticated. Soon Chunky, along with Grug, flew to the Croods in a rib cage powered by Piranhakeets along with a Trip Gerbil, a Liyote, and Douglas. Grug then adopts Chunky and refers to himself as a cat person. Chunky is last seen happily running in a race with the Croods and their other pets.



  • Gran refers to him as 'Chunky the death cat'
  • Chunky was incorrectly thought to be the movie's main antagonist before the movie's release.
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