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Name Eep
Gender Female
Age 19

Eep is voiced by Emma Stone. She believes in leaving the Cave, therefore rebelling against her father's rules of never leaving the cave .


Out of everyone in the family, Eep hates the cave that they never leave the most. Grug tells them Krispy, a poor little stuffed animal that was filled with curiosity, saw something new and died. Eep seems to be annoyed by the story, for she has heard it many times before. She truly likes to explore new things; in that matter it makes her the oddball of the family because the rest of the family believes staying in the cave is the way to live.  But when the cave and canyon area collapses, they're forced on an amazing road trip. It is most likely that Eep is the most excited to do this. On the trip, they meet up with Guy, who Eep has a romance with (Guy showed Eep what the outside world has to offer). With his ideas and discoveries, he causing Grug to be even more protective, doing anything he can to keep these two apart. She also as a interest in fire.


Eep is small and has caramel/red colored hair and green eyes. She wears a halter-neck dress fashioned from a tigers hide and shorts underneath. She has a slender yet muscular body and smooth skin. She is can be seen walking on all four legs, and using her feet much like hands. As with all of the other Croods, Eep displays great strength very powerful physically.