Name Girelephant (Mammoth Frecklarium)
Type Mammal
Diet Herbivore

Girelephants is an animal that resembles the Mammoth but has giraffe-like spotted fur. These enormous animals live in herds.

Roaming the mountain plains and large forest of the Croodaceous, their tusks curved downward to root through the ground for food.

The Girelephant appeared when it was walking. Thunk slides through and runs off with a ramu egg in his hands, then a bear owl's shriek caused it to run carrying thunk with it's tusks. Grug throws Eep, Gran, Ugga and Sandy on the girelephant's back to ride it back to the cave. Eep and Grug pressed the girelephant's tusk to the ground to stop. The bear owl sped up to try and kill Thunk, but Grug pulls the girelephant towards his side and crushed him between a wall of rocks. The girelephant make a surprised look with it's eyes wide open when he tripped and crashed into an entrance sending the croods flying to their cave then it was not seen later in the movie.