Gran boutta bust your butt with her stick
Name Gran
Gender Female
Age 80
Family (Daughter), Ugga (Son-in-law), Grug (Granddaughter), Sandy (Granddaughter), Eep (Grandson), Thunk

"Gran" Crood is the oldest of the Croods, mother of Ugga, and grandmother of Eep, Thunk, and Sandy.

Official Bio

Grug's mother-in-law. Old as dirt. Some say 80. A firm believer in natural selection, Gran doesn't discriminate in who gets selected for what -- especially if it means she gets selected to eat. And yes, she has eaten another man before. There are often times when food is scarce for the croods since they have lived in a cave all their life. Gran is known to eat her own (or a family member's) feces when times get rough. Since the family's diet is unbalanced, their shits are as hard as a rock. This brings up several issues for gran since she only has one tooth. Gran often has to squish or ground up the feces in order to consume it.


Gran is old with white hair that appears to be in the shape of Eep's own hair (only a little more matted or razzled), and one small tooth(which she can remove at will). She wears the skin of an unknown dead reptile and handles a tall twisted cane in her hand. She is the oldest of the Croods family. Her body is not to disproportionate but her arms and legs are unbelievably skinny; you can practically see her bones. Gran's nose is also insanely huge; with a nose that is easily 10 times the size of her eyes, she can detect scents from miles away.


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