She is older and much smaller.
Name Gran
Gender Female
Age 64
Family (Daughter), Ugga (Son-in-law), Grug (Granddaughter), Sandy (Granddaughter), Eep (Grandson), Thunk
"Still Alive!"

        -Gran's usual saying

"Gran" Stonewell is the oldest of the Croods, mother of Ugga, and grandmother of Eep, Thunk, and Sandy. She is stubborn, and (like any mother-in-law) loves to tease/torture her son-in-law Grug, who eagerly awaits her death to come. But it seems like this old gal is sticking around for their long journey ahead of them. Gran may appear old, but she can be pretty handy with her cane if needed.

Official Bio

Grug's mother-in-law. Old as dirt. Some say 45. A firm believer in natural selection, Gran doesn't discriminate in who gets selected for what -- especially if it means she gets selected to eat.


Gran is old with white hair that appears to be in the shape of Eep's own hair (only a little more matted or razzled), and one small tooth(which she can remove at will). She wears the skin of a unknown dead reptile, and handles a tall twisted cane in her hand. She is the oldest of the Croods family and she is dirty with her feet.


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