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Name Ramu (Cranio knockinheadus)
Type Bird
Diet Omnivore
Behavior Hostile

Ramus are medium sized, territorial birds with ram horns and black feathers.

Official Bio

The Ramu had large powerful legs, huge horns and was very fast. They were one of the most territorial creatures of the Croodaceous era, and defended their nest fiercely. Living in canyons, they had the body of an emu and spent most of their time butting heads with each other.


They are highly protective of their green and blue eggs, tirelessly defending them from the multitudes of scavengers native to the deserts, including Trip Gerbils, Jackrobats, Liyotes, and cavemen.


Due to their speed, ferocity, and powerful horns they can be assumed to not have any natural predators except for the vicious Bear Owl. They are themselves omnivores, thier primary dieet exists out of tough desert vegetation, but they also hunt smaller animals like Trip Gerbils, Jackrobats, Liyotes. Using their hard beaks to crack through the pebbly scales and slender bones of unfortunate Liyotes that pass too close to its nest.

In the Movie

One is seen at the beginning of the movie guarding its nest. It is suddenly beset by a pack of liyotes, a swarm of jackrobats, a pair of trip gerbils, and the Croods. Despite this, it manages to hold them off for an impressive amount of time, taking part in an exciting race across the desert. However, when a Bear Owl joins the hunt, the Ramu realizes that it's hopelessly outmatched and flees. In the ending credits, one of the drawing shows Thunk riding a green colored Ramu.


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