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Sandra Sandy Crood
Name Sandra Sandy Crood
Gender Female
Age 4 (in The Croods)
5 (in The Croods: A New Age)
Family Grug (Father), Ugga (Mother), Thunk (older brother), Eep (older sister), Gran (Grandmother), Unnamed Grandfather

Sandra Sandy Crood (called by her middle name) is the youngest in the family. She is known to be "rough" like Eep, she has red hair and peach skin the two share a resemblance. Sandy is unable to talk and instead bites and growls although her first words turn out to be "Dada"(as in a childs word for dad) and "Whee!". Sandy isn't known for her cuteness, but her constant bitting of family members and creatures. The family used her as a weapon during a hunting trip once. She is comforted by Krispy Bear who was formally Eep's.

Official Bio

The youngest of the Croods, four-year-old Sandy (5-years-old in Croods 2) is as feral and vicious as a baby wildcat. In a dangerous world full of creatures trying to take a bite out of her, Sandy is not afraid to bite back.


Sandy has big dark brown eyes, and two buck teeth. She wears a paw as clothing, and has two pigtails secured with millipedes. Her nose is also quite large.


Unnamed Wolf Spider