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Phil Betterman (left), Hope Betterman (middle) and Dawn Betterman (right) with Sash

The Bettermans are a family featured in The Croods: A New Age who claim to be better and more evolved (not to mention good-looking) than the Croods.


The Bettermans' have black hair that is tied up in different styles with bangs swept to the right side and green eyes (except Phil appears to have brown eyes up close).

  • Phil Betterman ties his hair in a bun and sports a neat beard.
  • Hope Betterman has knee-length hair that is tied in low twin braids by two green ties with a single white hair streak on the right side. When the half of the Croods members (Gran Crood, Ugga Crood, Eep Crood, Thunk Crood & Sandy Crood), Hope & Dawn wake up from their slumbers in the Wolf Spider's cave, Hope's hair is now shown to be wild where it flows in the wind and it remains that way towards the end of the movie.
  • Dawn Betterman has above the ankle-length hair that is tied in a single low braid by a single green tie with two hair strands hanging in front of her ears.

They appear to wear white, sea green and ocean blue themed outfits and accessories.


Phil Betterman and Hope Betterman knew Guy Crood as they were friends with his late parents.

Family members



Each of the Bettermans' names each has a meaning:

  • The name Phil means "Lover Of Horses" in Greek.
  • The name Hope means "Desire Of Fulfillment" in English.
    • Hope is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.
  • The name Dawn means "Sunrise"/"the first appearance of light, daybreak" in Old English.


  • While the Croods have cavemen names (except for Sandy Crood who has a name that people are named and use in the modern timeline for their pets), the Bettermans' have modern names:
    • Phil
    • Hope
    • Dawn