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Thunk Crood
Name Thunk Crood
Gender Male
Age 9
Family Gran (Maternal Grandmother), Grug (Father), Ugga (Mother), Eep (older Sister), Sandy (younger sister), Unnamed Paternal Grandfather

Thunk is Grug and Ugga's son, their 6' 3, 280 pounds and 9-year-old middle child, who is not smart and has poor coordination, but has a good heart.

Official Bio

Thunk is a 9-year-old little boy who is very happy of discovering a whole new world. He has an older sister, Eep, and a younger sister named Sandy. He has a pet crocopup named Douglass.


Thunk wants to be like his sisters and his dad. He has the best heart and the worst coordination. Ugga comments on his intellect, saying, “I don’t think Thunk will ever catch up. We love him". Despite his low intellect, his heart's in the right place. Thunk is only 9 years old and seems to be the most clumsy one out of the bunch. He also is extremely overweight in the present, but during the stone age, that was only a little bit over the normal weight. Thunk is Grug's favorite child as he always follows the rules, maybe even a little too much. He's a big scaredy cat when it comes to something new, and also not very bright on how to handle it- but with any order or command from his father, Thunk will follow without question.


Thunk has a chubby face, some short brown hair and light brown and he wears a spotted grey fur of possibly a jaguar.



- " I get it dad. I will never do anything new or different.." To Grug.