Trip Gerbil
Name Trip Gerbil (Rodentia Connectus)
Type Mammal
Diet Omnivore
Behavior Docile/Tamable

Trip Gerbils are small rodents with an unusual adaptation, a single tail shared by two separate individuals.


They resemble two small rodents with black, white and yellow-colored fur over their entire bodies, and their shared tail is very long with yellow and black stripes. They have large mouse-like ears and a "cutesy" appearance.


This unique appendage, used to trip other animals and steal their food, is apparently extremely strong and elastic, able to withstand a 40-mph impact by a charging Ramu.


Trip gerbils are ovivores, feeding on the eggs of other animals. They appear to spend most of the time buried in shallow sand to hide from predators. The two gerbils on each end are extremely cooperative and use outstanding teamwork to survive. However, if one gerbil is caught, the other is unable to escape due to their physical connection and unwillingness to abandon each other.

Official Bio


In the Movie

Two connected trip gerbils are seen at the beginning of the movie emerging from the sand to partake in the scuffle over the Ramu egg, working together to halt the Ramu mid-charge and snatch its egg with ease. However, they immediately retreat in a hurry when the fight is broken up by a hungry Bear Owl. Later, the pair is shown to have migrated from the desert to the lush plains of the valley, but find it too dangerous for their liking, almost getting eaten alive by a deadly Turkey Fish. Towards the end, when the End is ready to completely destroy the valley, the two gerbils are among those who didn't make it. As the wall of destruction rolls toward them, they are saved by the timely arrival of Grugg and Chunky. At the end of the film, they live happily with the Croods in Tomorrow as Gran's pet(s).


Despite joining the family, it(they) does not show up in the ending scene.

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